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Plants – Standard Plants

Standard plants, or lollipop plants as they are sometimes called, make attractive features in the centre of a planted border or planted in pots either side of a door, gateway etc. Smaller standards up to around 1.2M tall are usually referred to as half standards, and even smaller standards up to 90cms tall as quarter standards.

We have a good range of standards in stock including standard roses, standard and half standard olive trees, standard bay trees in several different sizes, standard and half standard salix in several varieties and standard and half standard Photinia plants. There are usually more varieties available in the Spring and Summer.

Our standard plants are all healthy plants with good bushy heads and potted in 5 to 10 litre pots depending on the size of the plant. They wont grow much taller than their present size but the heads will bush out, and will need trimming once or twice a year.