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Parasols, Bases & Gazebos

We have a wide range of wooden and aluminium garden parasols and various bases to suit your needs.

Available in 2.1m and 2.7m diameter with 38mm aluminium poles or 2m, 3m and 3.5m diameter with 38-48mm hardwood poles, and in a choice of colours – terracotta, navy blue, green, black, cream and grey. We also have some brighter colours such as pink, lime green and purple.

Our garden parasols, or garden umbrellas as they are sometimes called, all have 180gm polyester covers. The frames are sturdy and will stand some windy weather, but the garden parasols should be left down when not in use and brought in for the winter. They are designed for shelter from light rain and the sun, but should not be left open in very windy or wet conditions. The polyester covers on our garden parasols are shower proof but not completely waterproof.

We have a selection of bases in various sizes from 8 to 25KG, and materials including resin, granite and cast iron.

Gazebos come with strong metal frames and curtains.

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