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Wisteria ‘Prematura’ – LARGE WISTERIA PLANT -1.5M Tall


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Climbing Plant- Wisteria ‘Prematura’ – LARGE WISTERIA PLANT -1.5M Tall

Wisteria Prematura – Long Blue scented flowers between April and June depending on the season


This plant is approx 1.5M tall and trained on a cane, pot grown in a 3 litre pot


Prefers well drained soil and sun or partial shade


Prune well after flowering and this will improve flowering the following season


Fantastic show of flowers once mature, sometimes twice a year
Ideal to train up a house front, wall or rose arch. 
Relatively slow growing to start with but get faster as they get more established.
We measure our plants from the bottom of the pot to the top of the plant. 


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