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Salix Integra Hakuro Flamingo – 1.3m Half Standard


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Half standard plants approx 1.4M tall with 60cms wide heads. Attractive deciduous light green foliage with a pink flush. The heads will grow considerably larger, or can be pruned after leaf drop each Autumn to keep to the required size.

These plants are pot grown and are quite happy in their pot for another year, but would then need planting into a larger pot or the garden. If leaving in the pot please remember to feed and water well in the Spring / Summer, or if planting in the garden feed and water well until established. Prefer full sun and well drained soil.

These plants are abit unusual so an ideal gift for a gardener.

We measure our plants from the bottom of the pot to the top of the plant.
The plant you will receive will be very similar to the one in the photo

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