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Pyracantha Plant – Variety ‘Golden Falls’ – Firethorn Plant


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Vigorous wall shrub with glossy and healthy dark-green foliage, clothe stems of prominent thorns. 

Clusters of white flowers in May, followed by bright orange berries Sept to mid Winter. Height 4m, spread 5m, although can be pruned to keep to a size. 

Position – Full sun, semi-shade, shade. Rate of growth – Fast. Foliage – Evergreen (retains leaves all year round). Hardiness – Fully hardy (no protection needed during winter months). 

Our shrubs are grown from cuttings in 7cm pots then transplanted into 2 or 3 litre pots to grow on. These Plants are now approx 60-75cms tall. 

We measure our plants from the bottom of the pot to the top of the plant.The plant you will receive will be very similar to the one in the photo

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