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Philodendron scandens- Sweetheart Plant- In a 15cm Hanging Pot & Approx 20cm Long


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An ideal plant for the home or office that is very easy to keep.These plants have a variegated leaf.

Philodendrons prefer a shady position with no direct sunlight.

The plants trail down about 20cms from the pot. They will grow much longer but can be pruned to keep to a size.

Minimum temperature 50 degrees fahrenheit. Feed between spring and autumn and water liberally. Water less frequently in winter but don’t let the compost dry out. Mist the leaves frequently if in a heated room. Keep in a pot with a drainage hole sitting on a saucer, or if planting in a container with no drainage hole, put some gravel at the bottom for drainage.

This plant as with most foliage indoor plants does not like saturated compost. Re pot every two years in the spring.

Try a tin of leaf shine spray it gives your foliage plants an extra glossy healthy look.  Available from Garden Market Place.  Just add to your order and save on postage.

  • The plant you will receive will be very similar to the one in the photo

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