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Olive Trees – Half standards – Approx 80cm Tall-Olea europaea.


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Olive Trees – Half standards – Approx 80cm Tall-Olea europaea



Olive Tree half Standards Approx 80cm tall with 30cm wide heads. Should produce fruits this year. Look great planted each side of a gate, path etc. Can be planted out or kept in pots. 

As our climate continues to grow milder more of us are discovering the sensory delights of a Mediterranean-style garden. Currently enjoying huge popularity is the half-standard Olive Tree (Olea europaea).

Fragrant flowers are followed, in a hot summer, by edible, green fruits and the dense crown of silvery grey-green leaves is retained all year. Position your trees in a sunny spot on your patio or against the warmth of a sheltered wall to give your garden a year-round Mediterranean flavour.

  • We measure our plants from the bottom of the pot to the top of the plant.
  • The plant you will receive will be very similar to the one in the photo

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