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Climbing Hydrangea – Approx 70cm Tall on a cane


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Hydrangea Petiolaris -Climbing Hydrangea – Approx 70cm Tall on a cane



  • Hydrangea Petiolaris Moonlight -Climbing Hydrangea – Approx 70cm Tall on a Cane
  • Well established plant in a 3 litre pot- lots of growth, on a cane
  • Ideal for the garden or patio to climb up a wall, fence or trellis – will flower from June to October
  • Normally hardy in the UK- green leaf, masses of white flowers in the Summer
  • About the only climbing plant that will flower on a north facing wall
  • We measure our plants from the bottom of the pot to the top of the plant.The plant you will receive will be very similar to the one in the photo


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