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10kg Bag Mixed Daffodil Narcissus Spring Flowering Bulbs (Approx. 120)


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10kg Bulk Bag Mixed Daffodil/Narcissus Bulb Pack. Flowering February – May depending on the season.

Mixture of colours of Narcissi, yellow, orange, white. Will grow to 30-45cms. Approximately 120 bulbs.

They can be planted in the garden or into pots to have on the patio or in the house to provide some early spring colour.   If keeping in the house try to keep in a cool position or the flowers will soon go past their best.
Our bulbs are a good sized bulb 12/14cms in diameter which will provide plenty of good sized flowers in the first spring. If comparing prices please compare like sized bulbs, as smaller sized bulbs are cheaper but will not perform so well.
Narcissus, or Daffodils as they are commonly known, will thrive in any reasonable well drained soil. However if your soil is poor or a heavy clay type it is advisable to put some bulb fibre or compost in the bottom of the hole when planting.  Feed is only advantageous if done when planting or in early February before flowering. Plant the bulbs to a depth of twice the height of the bulb. Space about 10-20cms apart. They should be planted as soon as possible after purchase any time from August to early November. Narcissus will thrive in sun or partial shade. After flowering let the foliage die down naturally, don’t tie it up or cut it back until at least a month after flowering has finished.   After a few years clumps of Narcissus may become overcrowded. Lift the clumps in mid-summer, divide, separate offsets (the small bulbs on the side of the main mother bulb) and re plant without delay. Please note flowering times given may vary according to the season.