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Plants – Outdoor Shrubs

We have a large range of hardy outdoor shrubs available all year round, from Acer plants, Box plants and bay tree plants to Camelia plants, Bamboo plants, Hydrangea plants and Magnolia plants.

All of our outdoor shrubs are mature hardy specimens ready to be planted out in the garden if you require, although most varieties can be kept in the pot on the patio if that is what you prefer. Hardy garden shrubs are an excellent way to provide year round interest in the garden without the major work load of planting bedding plants, as there are varieties that will flower or provide colour at any time of year.

If you would like a more exotic look to your garden, choose something like a Trachycarpus Fortunei Palms, or Magnolia Grandiflora, perhaps backed with Bamboo plants. Although they look like very exotic plants, they are in fact completely hardy in the UK.

Hamamelis (witch hazel) plants are excellent for providing colour in the winter, as are Nandina Domestica (sacred bamboo) which has bright red foliage from late Autumn onwards.