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Garden Furniture, Swing Seats

Swing seats, or garden hammocks as they are sometimes known, are a feature in most British gardens and its easy to see why. It is very relaxing to sit in a swing seat, gently rocking backward and forwards having a drink and chatting to family or friends.

At gardenmarketplace we have many different styles and types and all, we think, at a reasonable price. Traditionally wooden swing seats were seen in British gardens and are still very popular, but recently metal framed garden swing seats have become increasingly popular.

A relatively new concept that is becoming popular is swing beds, very similar to swing seats but you can lye down on the swing beds and perhaps drop off to sleep!

In the Summer we also sell a good range of spare swing seat covers or canopies, as these often fade or get bird chalk on which spoils the look of the swing seat. Buying a new canopy cover is an economical way of sprucing up your swing seat.