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About Us

GardenMarketPlace is the online trading department of Staunton Harold Nurseries.

We have been growing & selling a wide range of plants and gardening goods at our garden centre since 1990. Details of our garden centre at Staunton Harold can be found by clicking the link on our home page.

This means you can buy on line from us to take advantage of the convenience and price savings available, but also have the security of knowing you are dealing with an established reputable company.

We despatch on line sales from our 35 acre Nursery at Melbourne in South Derbyshire, and most of our gardening goods from our warehouse on the Nursery.

This does mean that not all plants or goods that are on will be available at our garden centre at all times. Please call the garden centre before hand to check if any specific item is there before travelling. We wouldn’t like you to have a wasted journey. Prices may also occasionally vary between the garden centre


Our objectives:

1) To provide a great selection of plants and goods with excellent customer service, continually increasing the ranges available to fulfil all of our customers gardening needs.

2) To provide a wealth of information on the plants and goods available to enable you to make a well informed choice, so you get the plants or goods you really need when you need them.

3) To provide excellent value for money.

We sell a range of mature plants which may not be the cheapest but what we think provide the best value for money for the size. Some are grown ourselves and some are purchased from specialist growers in the UK, Italy and Holland.

With gardening goods we search the market for quality items that provide the best value for money. Sometimes this is branded goods seen in many garden centres, but we also source many products direct from the manufacturer in this country and abroad when we feel we can provide better value for money by doing so. These are sold under our own brand, this often applies in our garden furniture ranges.

We continually check prices with other garden centres and web based companies to ensure we remain competitive.

4) To run our business in an environmentally friendly manner, re-cycling as much as possible and keeping our carbon foot print to the minimum.