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Latest news is the new online service for our Garden Centre at Staunton Harold in Leicestershire.
We have been selling a wide range of plants, some of which we grow ourselves, and other gardening goods for over 20 years. So you can buy from us online safe in the knowledge you are buying from a established reputable company.

We have just had a great new range of soft fruit plants in. Raspberries, black, white and redcurrants, gooseberries, blackberries, blueberries, cranberries and more. We also have some unusual varieties like the honeyberry which originates from Siberia, these are like blueberries but with a slight after taste of honey. Gojiberries are supposed to be very nutritional and have anti ageing qualities. Loganberries and tayberries also provide extra interest. 

Soft fruit plants

We have a huge range of soft fruit plants in stock, including, Gooseberry plants, Blackberry plants, Blueberry plants, Raspberry plants, Black Currant plants, Red & White Currant plants, Cranberry plants and the more unusual types such as Loganberry plants, Sunberry plants, Honeyberry plants, Goji Berry plants and more.

Many of the above soft fruit plants such as Raspberries and Gooseberries are available in different varieties, so you can choose early, mid season or late yielding varieties, and often have the choice of old traditional varieties or new modern, often hybrid, varieties. Primacane varieties of Raspberry canes can provide 2 crops of fruit a year.   

Growing your own soft fruit is easier than you might think. Choose ground that hasn't grown soft fruit before, ideally plant in Spring (although pot grown soft fruit plants can be planted at any time of year) and make sure you water and feed well especially in the first year when they won't have rooted out properly. Most modern varieties of soft fruit are disease resistant which helps alot.    

Plants - Soft Fruit plants

Blackcurrant Bush 'Ben Tirran'
Price: £7.99
Blackberry Bush 'Bedford Giant'
Price: £8.99
Blackcurrant Bush 'Ben Lomond'
Price: £9.50
Soft Fruit Plants- Cranberry Bush 50cm tall
Price: £10.50
Cranberry Bush 30cm tall
Price: £8.99
Ficus Carica 'Brown Turkey' - Sturdy Fig Tree 60cm Tall
Price: £16.99
Gooseberry Bush 'Hinnonmaki Green'
Price: £8.49
Gooseberry Bush 'Invicta'
Price: £9.99
Gooseberry Bush 'Hinnonmaki Yellow'
Price: £8.49
Gooseberry Bush 'Hinnonmaki Red'
Price: £8.49
Loganberry Bush
Price: £8.49
Raspberry Canes 'Cascade Delight' Raspberry Plants- Pack of 5 plants
Price: £9.99
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