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Latest news is the new online service for our Garden Centre at Staunton Harold in Leicestershire.
We have been selling a wide range of plants, some of which we grow ourselves, and other gardening goods for over 20 years. So you can buy from us online safe in the knowledge you are buying from a established reputable company.

We have just had a great new range of soft fruit plants in. Raspberries, black, white and redcurrants, gooseberries, blackberries, blueberries, cranberries and more. We also have some unusual varieties like the honeyberry which originates from Siberia, these are like blueberries but with a slight after taste of honey. Gojiberries are supposed to be very nutritional and have anti ageing qualities. Loganberries and tayberries also provide extra interest. 

Home and Office Plants

We have an extensive range of plants for your home and office available from stock. Brighten up that bare corner with a Ficus or Aspidistra.

Why not try something more exotic, such as a Banana Tree or Strelitzia.

All plants are expertly packed before shipping to you.

Plants - House & Office

Indoor Plant -Spathyphyllum 55cm PEACE LILY
Price: £10.99
Bird of Paradise - Strelitzia
Price: £84.99
Strelitzia Reginae - BIRD OF PARADISE - Approx. 40cms Tall
Price: £12.99
Staghorn Fern -In a 18cm Hanging Pot
Price: £22.99
Tradescantia -Hanging House Plant
Price: £19.99
Yucca elephantipes - Spineless Yucca Approx 80cm Tall
Price: £19.99
Zamioculcas Zamiifolia Approx 60cms Tall
Price: £17.49
Zamioculcas Zamiifolia 30cms Tall-Zanzibar Gem
Price: £11.99